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Franz Schubert, Winterreise (Winter Journey), 1827

The songs in Winterreise are united thematically as a sequence of reflections by the singer on a lonely walk during a winter's night. To express the feelings of a love lost, Schubert uses lonely themes of cold, darkness, and the barren winter landscape.

The song cycle contains 24 songs:

1. Gute Nacht (Good Night)
2. Die Wetterfahne (The Weather-vane)
3. Gefrorne Tränen (Frozen Tears)
4. Erstarrung (Numbness)
5. Der Lindenbaum (The Linden Tree)
6. Wasserflut (Torrent)
7. Auf dem Flusse (On the Stream)
8. Rückblick (Backward Glance)
9. Irrlicht (Will o' the Wisp)
10. Rast (Rest)
11. Frühlingstraum (A Dream of Springtime)
12. Einsamkeit (Lonliness)
13. Die Post (The Post)
14. Der greise Kopf (The Grey Head)
15. Die Krähe (The Crow)
16. Letzte Hoffnung (Last Hope)
17. Im Dorfe (In the Village)
18. Der stürmische Morgen (In the Stormy Morning)
19. Täuschung (Deception)
20. Der Wegweiser (The Signpost)
21. Das Wirtshaus (The Inn)
22. Mut (Courage)
23. Die Nebensonnen (The Phantom Suns)
24. Der Leiermann (The Organ Grinder)

One Large Case in 4 Parts

A. Sergei Vinogradskii (1856-1953)
B. Theodor Leshitizky (1930-1915
  Malwine Brée, The Groundwork of the Leschetizky Method (1969)
  Burkhard Muth, Theodor Leschetizky (2003)
  Comtesse Angèle Potocka, Theodore Leschetizky (1903)
  The Thomas de Hartmann Papers
C. Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
  Lorraine Byrne, Schubert's Goethe Setting (2003)
D. Guillaume de Machaut (ca. 1300-1377)
  David Hahn, "Numerical Composition" (1993)
  Elizabeth Leach, Machaut's Music (2003)
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