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An History of Experimental Ecology

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Case 3

Hans Dirk van Hoogstraten, Deep Economy: Caring for Ecology, Humanity and Religion (Cambridge: James Clarke, 2001).

Hans Hoogstraten compares economy with ecology, assuming that "people want to live comfortably in their 'house'." As emancipated citizens of democracy, to do this they must obey the laws and rules taught to them by the economy. Therefore, modern people are not naturally adapted to nature and thus feel alienated from it. Humanity's self-centeredness makes it impossible to accept a modest position among other species. Rejecting the distinction between deep and shallow ecology made my Naess and others, he argues that there is more intrinsic value in a human being that in a mosquito or virus, more in a chimpanzee that is a bacterium. He writes that this judgment of intrinsic value is quite different from the judgment of the importance of a species to the interrelated whole--the bacterium may in fact be more important to the working of the interrelated whole than the chimpanzee.

Case 1
  William Paley, Natural Theology, 1794
  Carl Linnaeus, Nemesis Divina, 1758
  George Gregory, The Economy of Nature, 1804
Case 2
  Vladimir Vernadsky, Biosphere and Noosphere, 1939
  Pierre Teilard de Chardin, Human Energy, 1969
  Pierre Teilard de Chardin, The Heart of Matter, 1978
Case 3
  John Neale Dalton, The Book of Common Prayer, 1920
  Joan Halifax, The Fruitful Darkness, 1993
  Hans Dirk van Hoogstraten, Deep Economy, 2001
  Lynn Margulis and Dorian Sagan, The Garden of
Microbial Delights
, 1993
  Nina Witoszek and Andrew Brennan, eds., Philosophical Dialogues, 1999
  Roger S. Gottlieb, ed., This
Sacred Earth
, 2004
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